coca-cola building -

iconic illustration and design

In 2012 I was hired as an art director at Draft FCB Johannesburg. This was my first gig in the big bad world of advertising. The juniors were almost immediately briefed on a proactive Valentine's Day Coca-Cola brief. In preparation for the presentation I scamped up some ideas. Initially nothing came of that proactive brief, but what happened next still blows my mind. My concept sketch evolved digitally and soon it became the largest illustration in Johannesburg for one of the world's most renowned brands, only 7 months later. Christine Raftopoulos, (legendary) creative director of the design department presented my drawing to the Coca-Cola client. They loved it and *POW* just like that (kind of), it found itself wrapped around the Life Centre building in central downtown Johannesburg. At the time it was dubbed the biggest sign in South Africa - over 44m high, almost 14 floors!


In 2014 I worked on this brand again while I was freelancing at Metropolitan Republic Joburg.