daena weeks

sowing seeds

album art

The very gifted Daena Weeks, Namibian singer and songwriter, recorded her first album titled 'Sowing Seeds' in early 2016. She asked Kyle Weeks (photographer) and I to collaborate on her album art. Besides being one of her more obsessed groupies, my appreciation for her music runs deep. Her songs have touched all sides of my soul and the very beautiful messages tucked into her verses sow seeds of knowledge to those who listen. The 'Sowing Seeds' title guided our creative direction. We found ourselves exploring the burnt fynbos and protea-scapes out in Simon's Town in the Western Cape where Kyle took some great black and white film shots of Daena whilst I art directed. The film was scanned and we made our image selection. The next step was to figure out a way to make the very dead landscape, blossom and come alive. The intention was to visually 'sow seeds' and so we embarked on a mission to carefully hand paint over the black and white photograph. Dot by little dot, we grew wild flowers. We greened up stems and saturated soils - and when we were pleased, we scanned our art and designed the final layout. I so loved creating this <3 

Listen to her music here.