moon magic °

A tattooing passion project / awareness campaign in celebration of The Divine Feminine. A sacred inked symbol honouring the magic of the moon and our extraordinary connection to nature, to self and to one another. We set off on a quest to tattoo 1OO full moons on 1OO women in support of Girlchild: an ongoing initiative created by The Shala Yoga School (in collaboration with Earthchild and Project Dignity) dedicated to empowering and educating young girls about their "Moon Time", feminine hygiene, self worth and sexual rights.


our muse °

The moon is one of the only celestial bodies with features graspable by an Earthling's naked eye. She is a shapeshifter, slinking away from a full orb to a mere sliver and back again. Yet, despite the eternal flux, her identity remains constant. She balances darkness and light in always shifting proportions. Her cycles lead the way for others to follow, from the ocean's tides to women's bodies. How magical is this connection we have to nature? That our menstrual cycle coincides with the 28-day cycle of the moon. It makes sense then why in parts of the world women still refer to their cycle as being in their "Moon Time"There’s an undeniable feminine energy to the satellite. It’s no wonder the moon has become the universal image of the Eternal Goddess. And so we thought what better way to immortalise and celebrate the magic of the Moon than with tattoos of her... One Hundred of Them.



... why not align with a great cause?


our mission °

The journey began on Women’s Day in August 2019 when we tattooed our very first two moons on best friends. Since then we’ve embarked on a quest to tattoo the full moon at exactly the same size on 1OO women who wish to be part of the moon magic °


Initially the intention was to donate a total of R1O,OOO to The Girlchild Project only once we reached our goal of 1OO moon tattoos on 1OO woman. Then March 2020 happened things came to a halt at moon 56. With everything going on we felt it would be really helpful to donate half of the funds raised ( R5,OOO ) in the meantime. We also had an anonymous moon magic° supporter match us on our donation! Our hearts are overflowing with love and gratitude for all the support. Thank you!!!


Now we fast forward to January 2021...


We complete our magical mission! What an epic, soulful journey this has been. Thanks to the 1OO wonderful women who supported this initiative and made this all possible. We have donated a total of R2O,OOO to Girlchild. 





girlchild °

More than 6 million girls in SA stay home from school during their moon time as they cannot afford sanitary wear, having to resort to using old rags, newspapers and even tree bark. Unfavourable conditions, lack of privacy in ablutions and no running water at their school facilities can make it so uncomfortable that girls prefer staying at home during this time. 

Girlchild was established by The Shala Yoga School in collaboration with Earthchild and Project Dignity. Together they are dedicated to educating and empowering young girls about their “Moon Time”, self worth, feminine hygiene and sexual rights. They are raising money on the Givengain platform and using the funds to gift our young sisters with sustainable sanitary wear packs in the form of Subz pads : re-usable, eco-friendly sanitary packs which include 3 pantieswith press studs and 9 reusable pads which lock into the panties for safe and effective support. Packs last a minimum of 5 years, allowing girls to attend classes throughout high school and complete their education. A cause we're so proud to be supporting.

how the moon magic°

unravels and

how to go about joining the tribe °


Using the handpoke tattooing technique, we're tattooing the same full moon on all 1OO of the wonderful women who get involved. If you lightly touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb, and make an ‘okay’ sign - this is the approximate size of each moon. This hand position or ‘Mudra’ is known as the Gyan Mudra: the Mudra of celestial knowledge and inner peace bringing oneness awareness. How beautifully aligned is that?

Intuitively we’re placing this full moon tattoo somewhere on the left side of your body (up to you of course where that shall be). Spiritually this side embodies the feminine energy complimenting the idea of using the moon to represent “the eternal goddess”. Alternatively - if you'd prefer to have it perfectly centred, that's an option too.

Each moon magic° session is 90 minutes and begins with a ceremony of sorts: taking time to welcome this lunar symbol into your world.

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