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celebrating the Divine Feminine

moon magic°


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The moon is one of the only celestial bodies with features graspable by an Earthling's naked eye. She is a shapeshifter, slinking away from a full orb to a mere sliver and back again. Yet, despite the eternal flux, her identity remains constant.


She balances darkness and light

in always shifting proportions. Her cycles lead the way for others to follow, from the ocean's tides to women's bodies. 


How magical is this

connection we have to nature? 

That our menstrual cycle coincides with the 28-day cycle of the moon. It makes sense then why in parts of the world women still refer to their cycle as being in their "Moon Time". 

There’s an undeniable feminine energy to the satellite. It’s no wonder the moon has become the universal image of the Eternal Goddess.


The Divine Feminine

moon magic°

in collaboration with Chanél Kruger


Starting in August 2019, Women's Month, we're on a quest to tattoo the same full moon on as many fellow lady-lunar-lovers who resonate with this initiative / idea / mission.


The Eternal Goddess


The purpose of the project is to honour the magic of the moon and our extraordinary connection to nature, self and to one another. More so, it's about connecting to the Divine Feminine within. With the intention to love and nurture the Self through all the flux and phases of our Earthly lives.


May this inspire, illuminate and unify a new tribe of soul sisters from all around the world. 


Part of the proceeds of each Moon Magic° tattoo session will be donated to Girlchild: A project dedicated to educating and empowering young girls about their “Moon Time”, self worth, feminine hygiene and sexual rights. The Girlchild campaign, created by @TheShalaYoga in collaboration with @EarthChildProject and Project Dignity, provides our sisters with sustainable sanitary in the form of the Subz pack.


We would love to tattoo the full moon at exactly the same size on all the wonderful women who get involved. If you lightly touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb, and make an ‘okay’ sign - this is the approximate size each moon would to be. 


This hand position or ‘Mudra’ is known as the Gyan Mudra - Mudra of celestial knowledge and inner peace bringing oneness awareness.


Intuitively we’d like to place this full moon tattoo somewhere on the left side of your body. Spiritually this side embodies the feminine energy which really compliments the idea of using the moon to represent the ‘Divine Feminine’ - The Eternal Goddess


Alternatively, perfectly centred.


Each Moon Magic session will begin with a ceremony of sorts - taking the time to welcome this lunar symbol into your world. Would love to spend an hour and a half with each of you.



R1200 per session. 

R600 deposit secures your booking.

moon magic°

If this resonates with you

and you'd like to join the tribe...

For more info, get in touch here 

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