the women of flatland typography

When a mathematician writes a novel, you know that it’s going to be complex, and structured at the same time. The Flatland brief (completed in my 3rd year at Vega and entered into the ISTD awards) was to take a chapter of the book and turn it into a creative, conceptual piece, using typography. This chapter was about the women of Flatland, they were seen as being one dimensional lines, who were dangerous, didn’t have the ability to remember, and had to move in a certain way just to be seen. The needles used in the piece resembled the shape and representation of these women. This piece would be exhibited in a gallery room where the viewer can interact with a “one-dimensional world” on a “two-dimensional medium” within a “three-dimensional room.”

Two years later I was hired to work on the Discovery brand at Global Mouse - a design studio in Johannesburg because of this very project. Interesting how life unfolds.