wall mural in Ubud

Pachamamma - 'Mother Earth' painted in Ubud, Bali in 2018. In Inca mythology she the highest divinity; a goddess who is concerned with fertility, plenty, the feminine, generosity and ripening crops, besides providing protection. She embodies the mountains, and it’s believed that she causes earthquakes (particularly fitting here on this paradise island). She is an ever-present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth. Respect her - she is powerful and will strike back if we keep taking too much from her. 


The bird perched on the tree acts as a tribute to a critically endangered species known as the Jalak Putih, or the Black-Winged Starling, native to Indonesia. It's so important we look after all the beautiful creatures that roam this world.


Thank you @bali_taco_bar for letting us paint your walls.


wall mural in Singapore

While travelling to Singapore briefly in 2018, stars aligned and painted my first production piece. What a scene! If someone told me days before that I’d be painting a wall in one of the most law bound cities in the world I’d probably have taken a big bet at the impossibility of it - but alas - here’s me painting ‘Her’ on a wall at Scape in Singapore alongside some of the most talented graff artists in the hood. What an honour, pleasure and top notch experience! Thanks guys for sharing your space and your paint :)


wall mural

in Jozi

This wall mural finds itself in a lovely apartment in that big city life, up north in Johannesburg. In 2018 Marti Lund and I were commissioned to paint together and our brief was to keep it simple, monochromatic but other than that, it was completely up to us. So, with a relatively open brief we decided to curate visuals of what we love the most: Nature. The three circles each taking on a different form: water (the ocean), air (la luna) and earth (the leaves), appear as spacial bodies filled with texture and contrast. The title, 'Gravitation' meaning movement towards or attraction to something celebrates exactly that.

Wildthing yoga studio wall mural

Cosmic creations - 6 days and many brushstrokes later. This wall mural in it's final state and it finds itself in such a beautiful yoga studio in the heart of Seapoint, Cape Town at @wildthingmoves.  This piece celebrates the two feminine energies who started Wild Thing, one representing a more grounded energy and the other more cosmically connected.

@domandrea and @lexiryman - thank you again for inviting me into this space and giving me the freedom to create and make an art piece on a moerse biiiiig wall.

iconic Coca-Cola building_ central Jozi

Not sure if this belongs here, but definitely worth sharing.


In 2012 I was hired as an art director at Draft FCB Johannesburg. This was my first gig in the big bad world of advertising. The juniors were almost immediately briefed on a proactive Valentine's Day Coca-Cola brief. In preparation for the presentation I scamped up some ideas. Initially nothing came of that proactive brief, but what happened next still blows my mind. My concept sketch evolved digitally and soon it became the largest illustration in Johannesburg for one of the world's most renowned brands, only 7 months later. Christine Raftopoulos, (legendary) creative director of the design department presented my drawing to the Coca-Cola client. They loved it and *POW* just like that (kind of), it found itself wrapped around the Life Centre building in central Johannesburg. At the time it was dubbed the biggest sign in South Africa - over 44m high, almost 14 floors.